Your Order

How do I check my Order Status ?
Check the status of your most recent orders by visiting our " Order Tracking" page.
This is the easiest and fastest way to get the most current information regarding your Company Estore orders.
When you click on Order Number in the Order Tracking page, an order summary page will provide you with detailed information about your current order or past orders.

Do I get any email confirmations regarding my Order ?
After you place your order, you will receive e-mails about your order.

Below are examples of e-mails you might receive:

Order Confirmation email
This e-mail confirms that we have received your order. It includes your order number. Keep this e-mail for your records.

• Shipment Confirmation
This e-mail confirms that your order or part of your order has shipped. You may receive multiple e-mails depending on the items you selected, or if you ordered multiple items and they were shipped separately. The arrival time of your order depends on the shipping method selected, item selected, and your shipping location.

Important notice about your order
There are a few reasons why you would receive this e-mail, including: difficulty in processing your order, inability to ship to the address provided, duplicate order.
Should you receive a notice like this, please call a Customer Service Specialist at +91 8970011881 immediately so the problem can be addressed.