Checking Out

Checking Out:
When you are ready to complete your shopping experience, click on the "Check Out" button at the bottom of your shopping cart. Your are automatically provided with the opportunity to review all your pertinent billing and shipping information if you have already entered it while registering with us.

If you had not filled in your Billing & Shipping details while registering with us, then you will have to fill in this data at this stage. You may also modify the Billing & Shipping details at this stage. After verifying the summary of items in your shopping cart, click on the “Check Out” button.

You will now be presented with a page with all your shopping details along with your Billing & Shipping details and total cost to review. If all the details in the page are ok, then please click on the “Proceed to secure checkout” button.

If your payment was successful then you will see a screen with your order details and order number. You will also recieve an email with the details of your order. You can use your order number to track your order in the "Order Tracking" section.